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Ever been in a situation where you can’t avail the most essential of assets such as a mobile phone contract because your credit score is nothing to write home about? Have you been struggling and seemingly unable to avail a contract phone? Have you grown weary of being turned away every single time you approach a lender for a contract phone? Has your prayer been to find a reputable lender that won’t entirely focus on your credit score status? If yes, take a deep breathe because you’ve reached your destination. At Able Phones, We share in your pain, empathise with you and above all, we understand just how important a cell phone is in your day to day life.

You see, unlike a couple of years back, a mobile phone has transformed from a mere gadget useful for making calls and sending text messages to a necessity of sorts. I mean, I can’t even begin to fathom the things that a mobile phone can do in this day and age. It’s like a solution to every single problem we encounter. Whether it acts as a reminder, directs us to places we have never been to through GPS or enable us to work while on the go, the reality of the matter is that mobile phones are part and parcel of our lives.

Ever felt that mini heart attack you experience when you reach down your pocket and your mobile phone is not there? Well, that should tell you just how important a mobile phone is in our lives. Long gone are the days when mobile phones were mostly seen as a luxurious item – a preserve of the affluent few in society. Nowadays, mobile phones are a need, so much so that people frown upon a person who doesn't own one. It is for this reason why being denied an opportunity to have a mobile phone simply because your credit rating is low is an injustice of astronomical proportions.

Granted, credit checks have always been part and parcel of a mobile phone contract approval process. Before the financial turmoil of 2008, most UK mobile providers were unwilling to consider even remotely, a person with bad credit. The order of the day back then was one rejection after the other. UK citizens with a poor credit rating felt discriminated upon, inferior and second class to those with a stellar credit rating. As unfortunate as it was, the aftermath of the 2008 great depression led to a change of heart and how mobile phone providers went about screening applicants with a poor credit rating.

A couple of phone contracts for bad credit individuals were unveiled and with it, a paradigm shift to how people got screened and approved for a phone contract occured. We pride ourselves on being one of the first mobile phone providers in the UK to offer guaranteed mobile phone contracts. To a person with a low credit rating, the term guarantee was like sweet music to the ears. The initial reaction was that of disbelief until they realised that indeed, guaranteed mobile phone contracts were a reality. What set us apart as Able Phones from other providers during the initial years was our ability to go beyond the call of duty in so far as the provision of mobile phone contract services is concerned.

To us, you are first a customer and secondly a partner. We do not judge you or give you second-class treatment because you have a history of arrears. On the contrary, we endeavour to find a guaranteed phone contract deal that is not only ideal for your financial circumstances, but also in tandem with your tastes as well as preferences. Our requirements are pretty basic and simple. So long as you are a citizen of the United Kingdom receiving a salary on a regular basis and a person of age, we promise you approval. Our acceptance rates are over 95% and this is testimony to the thousands of UK citizens we have been able to assist avail a phone contract over the years.

The key to our success is, of course, the fact that we don't give the aspect of education a wide berth. We do not just concern ourselves with approving a phone contract for you but also ensure that you make a decision from an informed standpoint. In this regard, our customer personnel, educate and also collaborate with industry leading partners such as Money Supermarket to ensure that you get all the required information regarding guaranteed mobile phone contracts. Sneak a peek here to get all the information you need regarding how to apply, different types of phone deals as well as the pricings for each package!