About us

Our core objective as Able Phones is to ensure that no one is denied an opportunity to own a mobile phone on the flimsy excuse of credit scores. From inception, our calling has been and continues to be, helping as many people with a history of CCJ’s or arrears to avail a phone contract. We understand where you are coming from and the pain and anguish that most people experience prior to the unveiling of guaranteed mobile phone contracts. In this regard, we continue to set the pace and lead by example in ensuring that we give equal treatment to all our customers in spite of how bad their credit score might be.

A good credit history has been the benchmark used by lenders and mobile phone providers to determine who qualifies for a phone contract. However, when such policies deny UK citizens' rights to basic necessities, there is cause to be worried. To fill the void and establish an equilibrium, we started offering guaranteed mobile phone contracts to customers who initially had been sidelined as a result of their credit score status. As Able Phones, we believe in offering customers second chances and not subjecting them to eternal condemnation because of poor financial decisions they made in the past.

Our strategy is a two-pronged approach – enlighten and approve. We take measures to guide you through the whole process of application, explain to you the merits of applying for a guaranteed phone contract as well as the demerits thereof. Our aim is to ensure that a guaranteed phone contract inadvertently serves to improve your fortunes as opposed to diminishing it in so far as credit rating is concerned. We believe that our success would be an illusion without the support and the belief that our customers have in us.