Forgive me for asking but do you really guarantee approval when I apply for phone contracts?

We understand why you might be sceptical considering that probably you’ve been rejected numerous times in the past, more than you care to count. Our guaranteed phone contracts essentially give you guaranteed peace of mind and assurance that your application will be approved irrespective of your credit rating or the history of arrears you might have. Credit checks should be your last worry when applying.

In summary, what do I need to qualify?

Well, qualifying for our guaranteed mobile phone contracts is quite simple or rather the requirements are basic. If you reside and are a bonafide citizen of the UK, you are welcome to apply. In addition to that, we require that you be working or in some form of employment that assures you regular income on a monthly basis. Last but not least, you must not be a minor. In other words, it’s a requirement that you be at least 18 years of age.

What is your policy regarding upfront payment?

Please note that upfront payment or what we like to call a security deposit is not mandatory to everyone. It only becomes so if you apply for a mobile phone that is pretty much expensive. A phone such as the latest iPhone 7 can only be approved if you part with a small sum of money upfront as a deposit. This is simply to cushion us and mitigate the risks on our side considering that this particular phone is very expensive.

If I pay an upfront payment, is the sum of money a one off payment or should I expect a refund at the end of the contract?

The small sum of money you pay as security is your money and not ours. We just hold it in lien in case anything happens and we undergo losses. Provided that your account is in good standing when your contract comes to an end, be assured that you will be refunded your security payment.

What are some of the reasons for which my application might be rejected?

While you are guaranteed of approval and your credit rating has no bearing on the decision to reject or approve your application, there are instances when we might be forced to turn down your application. For one, we encourage honesty at all times when filling out your application form. As such, any dishonest information will lead to outright rejection. Secondly, if you do not meet all the requirements as outlined, we will be forced to reject your application.

Is it possible to apply for a guaranteed phone contract with a duration of 12 months?

No. All the guaranteed mobile phone deals we offer run for a period not less than 18 months.

What is the standard number of hours or days I have to wait before receiving my phone after application?

Efficiency and top notch services are what gives us an edge over other guaranteed mobile phone providers in the market. You can, therefore, expect to receive your mobile phone within a couple of hours provided you have furnished us with everything we need.